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About the LTD Program

Focusing on the Whole Student

A distinguishing feature of The Hope Chest Scholarship Foundation is its focus on the total student. Early in the organization’s existence, members recognized that minority students were challenged by a lack of financial resources to defray the cost of a college education. Our goal then became to provide the financial support while offering quality programming to help facilitate a positive adjustment to this new phase of their lives. The LTD Program™ works to fulfill this need by ensuring that our Scholars are prepared for the rigors of college life and the world of work in a professional environment.

Through mentoring and workshops facilitated by seasoned business professionals and consultants, the LTD Program™ focuses on instruction to improve business writing skills, public speaking skills, general office decorum and presentation and adaptive behavior – all essential elements in projecting a polished, professional image in today’s competitive work environment.

Participants are involved in a number of sessions presented over a three-day period. With additional work completed outside of the sessions, students develop personal and professional goals with supporting action plans, and prepare tools to use in their college programs during internships, and subsequently as they begin their careers.

To better prepare them for a changing environment, students also receive instruction on personal safety and money management. Through group activities, participants learn how to develop and market ideas, work as a part of a team, and develop strategies for healthy competition.

As a direct result of the benefits gained from the initial LTD Program™ experience, scholarship recipients are requesting follow-up sessions to build on the initial skills developed.


LTD is an acronym for “Leadership Training and Development.” Specifically, the LTD Program™ offers a professional development curriculum intended to better prepare students for summer internships, a successful college experience, and the world of work.


3-Day Training

  • Prepare for Internships
  • Learn Adaptive Behavior
  • Focus on Whole Student

Group Activities

  • Develop & Market Ideas
  • Work as a Team
  • Gain Healthy Competition

College Prep

  • Personal Safety
  • Money Management
  • Presentation Skills

Mentoring & Workshops

  • Business Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Office Decorum
“The LTD Program helped me develop the professional skills needed to stand-out among my peers.”

The strength of the LTD program is the diversity, expertise and commitment of the instructors who draw from a variety of life and career experiences and who are willing to share with students who are ready to make a positive difference. Be a Mentor – Share your experience.