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Endowment Fund

The Goal

To raise $1 Million over a five-year period for the Hope Chest Scholarship Endowment.

The Endowment will enable the Hope Chest Scholarship Foundation to extend its reach to more counties in NJ and increase the number and value of scholarships granted.

Your investments of time and money equate to college opportunities for our Scholars!

The Endowment will continue to provide several pathways to success for the Hope Chest Scholar.

The Challenge

  • Donors and Supporters have several opportunities to partner. The level of support can be tailored to align with individual and business goals.
  • HCSF will only be successful with the commitment of valued partners.
  • Be a “Champion“ and challenge others to also support the Hope Chest Scholarship Endowment Campaign.

Opportunities to Partner

  • Commit higher investment
  • Pledge multi-year investment
  • Establish NAMED scholarships (company/individual)
  • Allocate funds for industry-specific majors
  • Strategic partner (based on higher levels of giving)
  • Mentor Hope Chest Scholars
  • Event sponsorship
  • Provide Hope Chest Scholar internships
  • Challenge colleagues to match investment

At no time, has the issue of cost of college education and student debt had more urgency or been more of a subject of public awareness and concern. There is a need to increase scholarship availability. The time for action is now! We ask that you join our team of dedicated community advocates as we set new goals to help the youth of New Jersey.

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