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Christopher Alexander

Scholarship Year: 2004
School: Morehouse College
Current Occupation: Engagement Manager at Deloitte Consulting

In 2004, The Hope Chest invested in me, awarding me a scholarship to attend Morehouse College. Looking back, I’m most grateful for the exposure and the lessons on Return on Investment (ROI). Growing up in Morris County granted me access to the Hope Chest board members who were Black leaders in business, technology, policy, and medicine. This provided a different view from my hometown of Roxbury, where the overwhelming majority of residents didn’t look like me. The leaders of Hope Chest proved there’s a place for me “at the table” and in the “corporate arena,” if I, too, worked hard.

I was humbled by their scholarship; it was tangible proof people believed in me and my future and wanted to take part in making my dreams come true. As pay back, I had to provide a strong return on their investment. Entering Morehouse, I had to do exceptionally well because others were invested. I keep these objectives at the forefront of my career, and I believe the best way to pay back Hope Chest is giving financially to the organization, working hard in my craft, and passing generosity forward to help someone else reach their dreams. Thank you, members of the Hope Chest, for exposing me to great men and women, and for investing your time, perspective and capital in Jesse and Belinda’s last boy from Roxbury!